To create a safe environment for all, a smoke control system is able to perform the containment function of any smoke event at any location in a building. Our smoke ventilation system incorporates modern technology to provide for a cost-effective and efficient smoke control system for your premises regardless of its size.

In the event of a fire, a well-designed smoke control system will help to save numerous lives including your property. It will prevent the movement of smoke into areas leading to exits or other designated safe zones in a building. A smoke ventilation system helps to keep the escape routes free from smoke to facilitate fire-fighting operations as well. Through this, the risk of damage to the premises will be minimised.

The smoke control system includes a smoke ventilation which helps to remove smoke from the building. Additionally, it also includes a smoke curtain which aids to block smoke from a certain area from spreading throughout the building. This is very useful in helping to keep the situation under control before further assistance arrives.

Parafoil provides the whole package of design, manufacture, installation and maintenance. Every building requires a specific requirement due to the differing dynamics. Our team at Parafoil will ensure that your needs are met by understanding the engineering and architectural challenges of various buildings.