Xclusive solutions provides complete Emergency Lighting system solutions for all high rise or low rise, low cost or high cost requirements meeting complete market requirements. Our different range of products shows our decision to

n short, central battery system for emergency lighting means, that the backup power source for the emergency and exit lights is provided centrally.

A central monitoring system monitors all individual components of an emergency lighting system, and gathers all collected information to a single location. This makes monitoring the system fast and easy, no matter how complicated the location is. The system also records data about performed tests.

Xclusive Solution offers several different options for monitoring of the addressable, centrally supplied luminaires.

In the self-contained systems, each emergency and exit light has its own backup power source, traditionally a battery. This kind of a system is the most applicable in such buildings, where the maintenance of the batteries, located in each luminaire, can be arranged with reasonable costs.

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