Project Description


Luke Alexander’s ground-breaking advancement of introducing Stainless Steel Pressure Vessels in various sizes allows its users to combat corrosion with an ease of mind, while providing viable options with greater savings as compared to other products currently available in the market.

Apart from this, special maintenance procedures (Chrome Plating and Galvanized Painting) which were once needed to prolong the lifespan of a pressure vessel, can now be disregarded due to the robust properties of Stainless Steel remarkably displayed in corrosive conditions.


Luke Alexander manufactures a wide range of engineered and pre-engineered stainless steel cylinders available in 3lb, 6lb, 12lb, 18lb, 20lb, 35lb, 70lb, 100lb, 150lb, 250lb, 375lb, 560lb, 650lb, 800lb, 1000lb, and 1200lb.