Project Description


Luke Eco7® offers an environmentally friendly water-based Fire Extinguishing Liquid Agent Trade Name “Eco7®“. Eco7® has high-performance capabilities in suppressing different classes of fires and is non-toxic, non-corrosive and pollution-free.

Eco7® is 100% water soluble and is an effective fire extinguishing agent with a mass ratio between Eco7® concentrate and water, is only 3:97.

Eco7® can easily penetrate into the burning materials, it reduces the heat immediately and extinguishes the fire quickly and effectively. Apart from its ability to rapidly reduce the heat of a burning object, Eco7® also has an anti-recrudescence ability since it contains flame retardant compounds. Hence, it forms a unique flame retardant layer that prevents further occurrence of burns and embers (i.e. resist heat and combustion).